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The Hydrorider is fully accredited by Fitness Australia, attracting 6 CEC points on completion of the course.

Fitness Australia


The Leisure Institute Of Western Australia Aquatic Inc.


Welcome to Aquabuzz; the Aquatic Fitness Company

We are proud to be part of an industry that
its main concern is about the population's health and wellness.

Our Aquatic Fitness Company commenced trading in May 2004 and became the home
of the Hydrorider Water Bike and Water Treadmill, in Australia and New-Zealand.

Our mission is to bring to the public the best fitness solutions for strength workout, health and wellness by introducing a low impact fitness program which is based on water exercise.

The Hydrorider water fitness classes are an effective and fun way to exercise in water, without excessive strain on bones, joints
and muscles opposed to the damage caused by exercising on hard surfaces.

The Hydrorider Water Bike and Water Treadmill caters for Water Weight Loss and Weight control, Wellness, Cardiac Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation, General Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Strength, Hydrotherapy, Group and Personal Fitness Training Classes and more.

Water Bike and Water Treadmill Class on Video

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Mingara One Fitness has been using Hydroriders for approximately 4 years.....
We have been running 9 classes per week for the past few years. We find that the hydrorider classes add great variety to our Aqua program, it gives our members something different and they love it.
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For more information please contact us by
0061-02-9345 4800 or
ask us a question here


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