General Questions

No, as a matter of fact, you can start at any fitness level and work yourself up.
The Hydrorider Aquabike is also variable in resistance. This means you can adjust the resistance of the pedals to suit your own fitness level.
Yes, you can use any aqua shoes or an old pair of sneakers if you like. Aqua cycling barefoot is not permitted.
The Hydrorider can be used in Regular chlorinated pools including salt water chlorinated pools and hydrotherapy pools.
It is NOT recommended to be used in regular sea salt water.
Yes, there's a 2 year warranty on the frame of the equipment, however it excludes parts such as the seat, pedal straps and rubber feet grips, as these are prone to wear and tear.
You will need to reorder those parts every now and then.
Both the Aqua Bike and Aqua Treadmill are built with transportation wheels; this makes it easy to move the equipment in the water as well as on the pool deck.
The equipment is made of top quality marine stainless steel which allows the Aqua Bike and Aqua Treadmill to stay in the water 24/7 if you like.
However when pulled out of the water, it's best you rinse them with clean water.
The Aqua bikes weigh approximately 22.5kgs and the Aqua Treadmills weigh approximately, 29.5kgs. Although the weight, it's very easy to move the equipment around as they have built in wheels.
It is recommended for the level of water to be anything between 1.1 meters to 1.6 meters. This will allow best practice. In general you would like the waist line to be in level with the water.
Yes, the Aqua Bike and Aqua Treadmill can be sold privately. We find that people with injuries who want to get back on track in their own pool would buy the equipment.
You can find on our site and the Hydrorider site as well as YouTube many videos showing how to train on the equipment from basic movement to full fitness training.
Just give us a call on +61 (0) 2 9345 4800. If you're a leisure club, public pool or Hydrotherapy service, we can give you a quote for bulk buying, otherwise order a single Bike and we will organise delivery.